Habenaria elwesii Hook.f., Bot. Mag. 122: t. 7478 1896. (Syn: Ate elwesii (Hook.f.) Szlach.);

Images by tspkumar





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please find attached photos of a Habenaria. Could this be Habenaria foliosa?

This is a very very interesting find. I am on bed and checking your mail and pics. Will confirm tomorrow but this looks something close to Habenaria ramayana or Habenaria panigrahiana. I had long been thinking of merging both but never could see live plants of both!!!

You are great !!

Where did you find this intetresting orchid. I too am curious to here further from …

Will be great to hear anything on this 🙂 Thanks …
This was found in Coorg.. lower elevations. Could see Habenaria ovalifolia, Habenaria longicorniculata, Nervilia crociformis in the vicinity as well.

I am so sorry I was wrong as I had my first glance of these pics on my bed. This should be Habenaria elwesii. A very rare orchid from south India.
I got a dream last night that I made a mistake on this 🙂
Thanks so much for sharing.

No …, this is not H. elwisii. It is different. Let me see whether I have pictures.

The white beard are lost as they are deciduous. Flowers are not fresh.
I have your elwesii too. Please take a look at the attached type

Thanks … 🙂 Any info is good info!
Yes, looks like the its the end of flowering season for this.


TSP-SEP2016-2-428:Images of Habenaria elwesii (Orchidaceae) : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

It is my pleasure to present few images of Habenaria elwesii (Orchidaceae

Ref-1: http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl1.1/record/kew-94584

Ref-2: http://florakarnataka.ces.iisc.ernet.in/hjcb2/herbsheet.php?id=3030&cat=1 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Wild, Open pockets of Evergreen forest amidst grass. 

Sighting: Vanagur, Sakaleshpur, Karnataka, about 1000 msl 

Date: 02-09-2016

Superb post …!!



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