Gastrochilus flabelliformis (Blatt. & McCann) C.J.Saldanha, Fl. Hassan Distr. 830 1976. (Syn: Saccolabium flabelliforme Blatt. & McCann);

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Zanhe (1996) in the Revision of Gastrochilus writes:
Blade of the epichile acute at apex, sometimes with short hairs on both sides of cushion; hypochile with peg like projection at the bottom of the interior….. Gastrochilus acaulis
Blade of the epichile widely emarginate at apex, without hairs on upper surface, lacking project at the bottom of interior ……. Gastrochilus flabelliformis 

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Attaching here with a species of Gastrochilus.
A species collected from Wayanad district of Kerala, tentattively identified as Gastrochilus obliquus (Lindl.) Kuntze.
Please validate..

I am not sure Gastrochilus obliquus is actually found in south India!!! is it?

This is Gastrochilus fabelliformis



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