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Submitting images of a specimen of a terrestrial orchid  for identification.
Date/time:17-07-2015 about 10 am
Location: Mullaiyanagiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka about 1700 msl
Habitat: Wild, Shola forest
Habit; A terrestrial herb 

It will be Liparis or Microstylis sp

That’s the funniest variation I have ever seen. I imagine how far it can go or is it a new species??? I think you may describe this as a new species. This close to Malaxis versicolor but very different. … you should see this.

This is Malaxis densiflora (A.Rich.) Kuntze. Lip pectinately toothed. Its my request to … if he could send a specimen.

I will certainly go over to the site and collect the specimen.Kindly inform how it should be packed. Should it be pressed before packing..?

Please collect one or two specimen and press it in newspaper. You can post along with the newspaper.

I have sent the specimen as sought by you, by post today.

Thanks. That’s very interesting … I never knew about this species. There are many more pics of this floating on facebook may be you can help in identifying them.

Please check the labellum sketch on one of the sheets and even on illustration. It doesn’t actually match with Malaxis densiflora.
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Its been a good learning experience following this thread!
Here is some info from another resource, book by Abraham and Vatsala. They also record this as very variable species and have given three varieties.
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This is really great. Don’t usually get to see image of this group. Seidenfia densiflora (Malaxis densiflora, Crepidium densiflora – whatever you may call). May be the only image of this species on efloraofindia.

Could this be Malaxis intermedia?

This is interesting …. Yes I think this is intermedia. Sorry for wrong id. These plants look so similar and even keys are skeptic.

Thanks for pointing out.

Could you please tell me which book the pages you have attached are from ?

Taxonomic Redefinition of the Subtribe Malaxidinae (Orchidales, Malaxideae)
Book by Hanna B. Margońska

Thanks for nailing the ID conclusively. So intricate…!

ORCHIDACEAE Juss. Fortnight: 211013-2 Orchid for id from KFRI Kerala BS79 : Attachments (1). 5 posts by 3 authors.
Orchid for id from KFRI Kerala
The name on Sign board appears to be non existant
No other photo available.. Sorry
pls validate

Seidenfia intermedia

Thanks sir for id

I just read the label correctly

Interesting… This is supposed to be endemic to South India, but never seen or heard of it before.,…




References: The Plant List  

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