Buxus wallichiana Baill., Monogr. Buxac. 63 1859. ;


Buxus wallichiana Bail., once in Euphorbiaceae, is now in Buxaceae, however, a post by … tempted me to share this species here.
This tree with distribution between 2000-3000m in Uttarakhand is locally known as “Papri”.
It is generally found in moist and shady localities.

Thanks … perhaps I also have recorded this (or a similar plant) from Uttarakhand, your upload have prompted me to search my pictures…

This shrub was shot from Chakrata area in Uttarakhand in May 2012..

recent uploads from … helped me to trace these pics from my collection..
I hope this is rightly identified as Buxus wallichiana



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id  pl of the medium size tree above Manali at the height 7000 feet approx.

It is Buxus wallichiana. (Buxaceae).

Buxus wallichiana Baill.



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Buxus wallichiana
April 2015

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nice clearly photographed specimen



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Buxus wallichiana
Himalayan Boxwood, Himalayan Box Tree
April 2019

NIce to see the flower bud. does this shrub get such a substantial girthed trunk?



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Yes, … Plant height in this case was nearly 25 m.


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