Euphorbia ingens E.Mey. ex Boiss., Prodr. 15(2): 87 1862. (syn: Euphorbia similis A.Berger);

Angola; Botswana; Caprivi Strip; KwaZulu-Natal; Malawi; Mozambique; Northern
Provinces; Swaziland; Zambia; Zimbabwe
as per Catalogue of Life;

Seen in Nairobi, Kenya during visit.

Is this Euphorbia ingens?
Kindly confirm id.

Yes, it is Euphorbia ingens E.Mey. ex Boiss.

Images by Dinesh Valke – Id by N.P.Balkrishnan.

Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Huge growing Euphorbia in Mumbai garden FOR ID :: DV77 : 4 images. 6 posts by 3 authors.

Euphorbia ¿ ingens
Dear friends, this is a huge growing Euphorbia. This plant seems to be quite an old member of the garden. The stem could be almost a foot across, the height of this plant could be close to 30 feet or more. 
at Chota Kashmir (a garden), Mumbai on 11 MAR 07 

I am reminded of E. royleana

I am convinced with your thought … This plant must be E. royleana. Thank you very much.

Will wait for validating comment.

Yes, It looks like Euphorbia ingens E.Mey. ex Boiss., commonly called Candelabra tree in horticulture.

Thanks … for adding one more name our list of woody Euphorbias. I will now have to find its differentiating characters from E. antiquorum, E. trigona and E. lactea.

My Hortus Third writes: It is a large tree often reaching 10 m tall, branches 4-angled, rarely 5-angled (usually 3-angled in other three), spines minute, branches forming a crown. 
Following is suggested in the key
18a. Trees usually taller than 4 m; branches mostly 4 angled, spines minute (less than 3 mm) or absent E. ingens
b. Shrubs or trees usually less than 4 m tall, mostly 3-angled, spines longer than 3 mm 19
After OK from experts I will change ubsequent numbering accordingly. I will further incorporate into indented key also.

Many many thanks …. for the ID.

Yes – this plant has minute spines – negligible sized.


EUPHORBIACEAE FORTNIGHT ::Euphorbia for ID :: SMP 39 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 1 image.

Botanical garden University of Pune

Euphorbia royleana or Euphorbia ingens?

The spines seem to be minute so likely to be E.ingens??

Yes, this is Euphorbia ingens E.Mey. ex Boiss.

Attached is a picture of a plant captured in a Aarey Garden, Mumbai in January 2013.
Requested to please provide ID.

This is an introduced garden plant. I am unable to identify it.

Euphorbia ingens
See thread

Thank you … for digging up an old reference link. I think I have captured the same specimen.



Cactus seen in the Desert Section of the Conservatory.

Pictures taken on 21st Oct,18.

Please look at Euphorbia ingens aka Candelabra Tree.  

Thanks for the id. I will look it up.

yes it is candelabra. very popular in southern california often as massed group planting. looks spectacular 

Look like Euphorbia ingens



ID request, from Lahore Pakistan : 12 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (3)- around 350 kb each. 
Is it Euphorbia sp? commonly planted in campus area, Lahore Punjab, Pakistan. Please identify it.


candelabra tree

See publication of Radcliffe-Smith in Nasir & Ali, Flora of Pakistan available online at 

Sorry, I could not identify it. The flowers are too small and could not be identified as a cyathia. If it is not it may be a cultivated Cactus.

I am posting the plant again for identification. It looks like Euphorbia ingens to me. Please confirm it.

It is a cultivated plant. Possibly E. ingens. This species is sometimes also confused with E. candelabra.
I am unable to confirm.

aren’t E ingens and E. candelabra synonyms?