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Pic of Floury Cloak Fern, taken at Ambyvalley Rd., Lonavala, Pune in Oct.12

Why is the name of the Afro-Arabian species, Aleuritopteris farinosa being mentioned? It has been so well known since the last 30 years that it does not occur anywhere in India – it is incredible how people do not read the standard literature on the subject.
The thumb-nail only shows the tip of the fornd – which is useless, as again, I keep saying. It looks like Aleuritopteris anceps, but without seeing the whole frond and stipe scales (as is always mentioned in all the literature) I cannot tell you – nor can anyone else!
I do not know a word in English Floury. Why would a name be used like that when there are 15 species of Aleuritopteris it could apply to in India?