Euphorbia linearifolia Roth, Nov. Pl. Sp. 224 1821. (Syn: Chamaesyce linearifolia Soják; Chamaesyce katrajensis var. kasaragodensis (V.J.Nair, Binojk. & R.Ansari) V.S.Raju; Euphorbia katrajensis var. kasaragodensis V.J.Nair, Binojk. & R.Ansari;   Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju; Euphorbia linearis B.Heyne ex Roth, pro syn.) as per efi thread and CoL;
India to Indo-China: Cambodia, India, Thailand as per POWO;

Images by (A.Lalithamba – validation by N.P.Balakrishnan) & (Renee Vyas – Id by N.P.Balakrishnan)



euphorbiaceae week : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

This is a prostrate herb rarely found in dry areas in Eastern ghats, Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju; I wish to share this with you.

It more or less agrees with Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju. The only difference noticed is that the leaves are broader than usual.



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Please help to identify this small herb growing in Rao Jodha Park in Jodhapur……

picture clicked in the 3rd week of August,13.

… some species of Euphorbia.

This is most probably E. deccanensis V.S. Raju (syn.: E. linearifolia Roth), but the leaves are larger.


Requesting a correction in Euphorbia page

As per a very recent paper in Taxon,
Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju is a superfluous name of E. linearifolia Roth.
Please look at the attachments.


References: efi thread The Plant List Ver.1.1 POWO  Catalogue of Life  

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