Images by (Narendra Joshi – Id by Gurcharan Singh, validation by N.P.Balakrishnan), (For
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Euphorbia helioscopia from Kargil. June 2011.

I don’t think E. helioscopia

The plant is clearly perennial
could be E. thomsoniana

Yes, this is Euphorbia helioscopia L.

Please reconsider your identification. To me it looks a typical perennial plant with new shoots emerging from rootstock. E. helioscopia in annual herb.

I think you are right. The plant looks perennial.
In that case the next possibility is Euphorbia thomsoniana Boiss., which occurs in JK at 2000 to 4200 m alt.
The description in “The genus Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiaceae) in India by M.S.Binojkumar & N.P.Balakrishnan, indicated that it is perennial and further “stems many from a thick rootstock, sometime purplish red, unbranched or rarely branched“.
The further details of the description more or applies to the photographs.
Therefore I think it can safely be identified as E. thomsoniana

Thanks a lot … I am happy my Persistence paid off.



Euphorbia helioscopia from Ladakh (NSJ-03):  Euphorbia helioscopia from Ladakh. Photo taken last week near Kargil, Ladakh

I fear it may not be E. helioscopia, which perhaps does not grow at those height, is much more delicate, with greener involucre bracts, and leaves are serrulate towards tip.

This could be Euphorbia thomsoniana 

Euphorbia thomsoniana Boiss. as identified in per another thread.




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