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Hoppea dichotoma collected from Amravati

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Here i am sharing some images of a tiny Gentianaceae herb.
Hoppea dichotoma
Indian Hoppea
Family – Gentianaceae
Habitat – Wet/Marshy soil
Altitude – 750meters asl
Photographed at Hamirpur ,HP
Photographed in September 2018

very clear nicely detailed photographs of whole plant by any chance?


Thanks … Here i am attaching one habitat picture with a scale showing tiny size of plants.
These are as small as to 1.5cms.
Attachments (1) – 3 Mb.

thank you so much, … very cooperative attitude, i like that, so this plants flowers almost from get go, as soon as it emerges from the ground
must have a short life  or multiple life cycles in the warm climate before winter sets in. is that so? any publication(s)?

Thanks … yes it has short life cycle of only a couple of month during late monsoon season.
You can find one publication already mentioned in the efloraofindia Hoppea dichotoma page.

that is plant list link. but i found one that talks of its distribution in india, flowering fruiting march to july
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261637236_  ANATOMY_AND_MORPHOLOGY_OF_THE_GENUS HOPPEA_WILLD_GENTIANACEAE
pdf is open source

Sorry for the mistake I thought it was there on the site as the images are same on site as in this research paper posted by one of its author on site.

Flowering time of Hoppea dichotoma is September to March.
While of H.fastigiata is July- March.

Nice upload. Seeing this plants after two decades.

i am glad you corrected it


Gentianaceae: Hoppea dichotoma Hayne ex Willd.: 1 high res. image.
synonym: Hopea dichotoma (Hayne ex Willd.) Vahl
location/date: Barha, Jabalpur Distr., Madhya Pradesh, October 1994





The Plant List  Keys as per publication

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