Habit- Trees up to 18 m tall.

Trunk & Bark- Bark brownish, scaly and flaky; blaze light orange.
Branches and Branchlets- Branchlets stout, lenticellate, glabrous.
Leaves- Leaves simple, alternate, spiral, clustered at twig ends; petiole stout 0.7-2 cm long, planoconvex in cross section; lamina 7-16 x 4-8.5 cm, obovate, apex obtuse or rounded, sometimes emarginate, base cuneate to acute, margin entire, coriaceous, glabrous, glaucous beneath, minutely tomentose beneath when young; midrib slightly raised above; secondary nerves 6-10 pairs, ascending, branched; tertiary nerves reticulo-percurrent.
Inflorescence / Flower- Inflorescence panicle.
Fruit and Seed- Berry ellipsoid, 1.4 cm long; seeds 1.
In semi-evergreen forests up to 800 m.
Western Ghats and Sri Lanka; in the Western Ghats frequent in Central Sahyadri and rare in South Sahyadri.
Tree for ID: 13112013 : RV 1 : Attachments (2).  8 posts by 5 authors.
Please help to identify this medium size tree…..
picture taken in the month of Feb in Panji, Goa…..
unfortunately could not get the better shots & details of the tree.

Looks like Alseodaphne semicarpifolia, Lauraceae

It will be Holigarna ferruginea (Anacardiaceae)

Holigarna ferruginea.

I don’t think it is likely to be Holigarna ferruginea because the fruits should be rusty tomentose and the leaves should have 12 – 16 pairs of nerves.
In efi … has posted some pictures of the Alseodaphne which seem to match here.

It appears to be Alseodaphne semicarifolia of Lauraceae.

Agree With … and … Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees
The shining fruits and Leaf- both are distinct enough to ID.

Agree with Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees

/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/19052014NVRTree_from_HollantBeach_Goa_for_ID3.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/19052014NVRTree_from_HollantBeach_Goa_for_ID1.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/19052014NVRTree_from_HollantBeach_Goa_for_ID2.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Alseodaphne%20semicarpifolia-Phudgus%201-0.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Alseodaphne%20semicarpifolia-Phudgus%203.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Alseodaphne%20semicarpifolia-Phudgus%204.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Alseodaphne%20semicarpifolia-Phudgus%202.jpg19052014NVR Tree from Hollant Beach Goa for ID : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).
Is this Semecarpus Anacardium? Tree about 5m tall.

Holigarna sp/ Litsea sp ?

This is Phudgus [Alseodaphne semicarpifolia].

Couldn’t find any of my photographs in the archives of this group, so am sending them again. Attachments (4).

For comparison with Bibba [Semecarpus anarcardium], please check this link: Google Groups

/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/DSCN0935-8-6.JPG/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/DSCN0936-5.JPG/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/DSCN0937-7.JPGSmall plant from Anshi : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5).
please ID this small tree from Anshi Guest House.

It seems you have mixed two plants in one post.
Any way,
DSCN0936, DSCN0938 and DSCN0939 belong to Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees (Wish you smelled its leaves)

Thanks … for the ID and showing me my mistake.

Anshi Ghat :: Alseodaphne semicarpifolia (spelling VALIDATION) :: DVFEB33/66 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 3 images.
Anshi Ghat Karnataka

Date: 25 MAY 2013 … Altitude: 340 – 380 m asl
Alseodaphne semicarpifolia Nees (family: Lauraceae)

Found two spelling variants (“seme” instead of “semi”), appearing almost equally in search results, including group’s database …
Alseodaphne semecarpifolia … The Plants List
Alseodaphne semicarpifolia … NPGS / GRIN
Please help which to be used.

Seems to be Alseodaphne semicarpifolia

The protologue gives the spelling as “semecarpifolia“.

Thank you very much … for the information. It is helpful.
Will soon correct my notes at flickr.

The flowers look very much similar to Cinnamomum tamala.
No doubt as both belong to Lauraceae

you are right about the flowers’ resemblance, being Lauraceae
i had worried about the leaves veins, finally I decided it was not tamala.. veins are different

Tree for ID: Devgad, Konkan, March 2016 – ARKOCT02 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)
This tree too was seen by the roadside. Could this be Hymenodictyon orixense?

efi page on Hymenodictyon orixense 

This is Alseodaphne semicarpifolia. Please check this link: Google Groups

Its a Rubiaceae tree, but the leaves does not correspond to Hymenodictyon sp.


More publications relevant to Indian plant taxonomy- Alseodaphne semecarpifolia : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)- Alseodaphne semecaripifolia.pdf- 619 KB

A new variety of Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees (Lauraceae) from the Western Ghats of Kerala, India – Aloor Jose ROBI1,* and Punnakkal Sreedharan UDAYAN2- Taiwania 62(3): 252-256, 2017.
(ABSTRACT: A new variety from the Western Ghats of Kerala, Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees var. malabarica var. nov. is described and illustrated. It chiefly differs from its most morphologically similar taxon A. semecarpifolia Nees var. angustifolia Meisn., in having thickly coriaceous, considerably smaller leaves and entire margin; ferruginous tomentose apical bud; sparsely puberulent inflorescence; 2-loculed third whorl of stamens; glabrous, greenish fruit pedicel.)
Here are some more free access publications for your kind information.

Species identification : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Please help with ID of this medium sized tree species, possibly of Lauraceae member. leaf spreads pleasant odor when it is crushed.

From the image Alseodaphne
Please provide locality
If possible send flowers or fruits

Could you pl. provide further details as requested ?

yeah sure when it flowers..

To me also appear close to images at Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees

ID KANNUR 41 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Please identify this small tree from Kannur District of Kerala. Only vegetative part is available. Leaf is Fragrant and slimy when crushed. Probably Litsea.. Experts please confirm.

Alseodaphne semecarpifolia

Thanks, …  You are a real expert.


Tree for ID: 25july2023-03: 2 images.

Quite a large tree with some fruits for identification if possible. I am sorry about the quality of the pictures taken in detrimental light/weather.
Place: Mumbai-Gujarat border region (off Dahanu).
Date: 3 May 2023.

Lauraceae !

Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Nees [Lauraceae].

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