¿ Pinus laricio ? ¿ Poir. ? OR ¿ Savi ?
Dear friends, this ID Pinus laricio is based on the placard – could be wrong too.
At The Plants List, could find two instances of Pinus laricio … 1) Poir. and 2) Savi … if the placard is correct, the plant could either be Pinus nigra subsp. laricio Maire OR Pinus pinaster subsp. escarena (Risso) K.Richt.
I am aware that these photos would not help in ascertaining the ID; but there is no better opportunity to add them to group’s database than its own fortnight ! 
in Van Vihar, Manali on 04 JUN 08

This is yet another example how we get stumped when author name is not indicated.
There are two different species which have been given the name P. laricio and both have two leaves in a spur
P. laricio Poir. (leaves up to 17 cm long, dark green, cones up to 8 cm long) is illegitimate name and now considered as synonym of P. nigra Arnold subsp. laricio Maire
P. laricio Savi (leaves 18-25 cm long, glossy green, cones 12-25 cm long) is now correctly known as P. pinaster subsp. escarena (Risso) K. Richt.
Perhaps this may help in fixing the correct name.

Thank you very much … for the clarification. I was hoping that one of the names has no scope for some good reason !! In case I go to Manali again, I will certainly make it a point to visit the Van Vihar park and check for the relevant aspects.


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