Connarus semidecandrus Jack, Malayan Misc. 2(7): 39 1822. (Syn: Connarus amplifolius Pierre; Connarus balsahanensis Elmer; Connarus borneensis Merr.; Connarus ellipticus Schellenb. [Illegitimate]; Connarus floribundus Wall. ex Hook.f.; Connarus furfuraceus Blume; Connarus gaudichaudii (DC.) Planch.; Connarus gibbosus Wall. ex Planch.; Connarus gracilis Bakh.f.; Connarus griffithii Hook.f.; Connarus jackianus Schellenb.; Connarus mekongensis Pierre; Connarus moluccanus Zipp. ex Blume; Connarus mutabilis Blume; Connarus neurocalyx Planch.; Connarus nigropunctua Gagnep.; Connarus nitidus Hassk.; Connarus obtusifolius Planch.; Connarus pyrrhocarpus Miq.; Connarus quocensis Pierre; Connarus semidecandrus var. gaudichaudii (DC.) Fosberg; Connarus wallichii Planch.; Omphalobium gaudichaudii DC.); 



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It is Connarus semidecandrus from Middle Andaman Island.



The Plant List  ASEAN Tropical Plant Database  flora of singapore  The Angiosperm Flora of Singapore: Connaraceae

By M. W. K. Goh, H. T. W. Tan (2000- Details)

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