Trichosanthes anamalaiensis Bedd., Madras J. Lit. Sci. III, 1: 47 1864. ;

Large climbers; stem pilose, tendrils bifid. Leaves to 15 cm across, shallowly 3-5-lobed, lobes cuspidate, toothed, tomentose below, covered with circular cystolith above; petiole 5-6 cm long. Female flowers in cymes; bracts 3 cm across, deeply serrate; calyx tubular; petals 3 cm long, white. Berry 4 cm across, globose, red, smooth; seeds many, obovate, smooth 

Flowering and fruiting: April-September 
Grasslands and shola forest margins 
Southern Western Ghats (endemic)



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Trichsanthes anamalaiensis Bedd (= T. bracteata (Lam.) J.Voigt var. tomentosa Heyne, Fam: Cucurbitaceae
Kolli Hills Namakkal Dt Tamil Nadu
1200m Altitude near Solakkadu
Climbing shrub over bushes.
Fruit used in head ache, tetanus

Trichosanthes anamalaiensis Bedd.

Nice photos indeed.