Jatropha heynei N.P.Balakr., Bull. Bot. Surv. India 3: 40 1962. (Syn: Jatropha heterophylla B.Heyne ex Hook.f. [Illegitimate]; Jatropha tuberosa Elliot);

Subshrubs. Leaves alternate, deeply 3-fid, 3-nerved; lobes oblanceolate, 10-16 x 3-4 cm, base cuneate, shortly decurrent, apex acute; petiole ca. 8 cm. Flowers unisexual, 6 mm across. Outer tepals ovate, 2.5 mm, obtuse; inner ones oblong, 5 x 2 mm, decurrent, obtuse. Stamens 8-10; filaments shortly connate, 0.6 mm; anthers 2 mm. Ovary globose, 3-locular; ovules 3, pendulous; styles 3, free or basally connate, entire or each 2-fid. Disc-glands 5, free, yellow. Capsule smooth or ribbed, 3-valved; seeds ovoid, oblong or 3-gonous, carunculate.

Scrub jungles in dry localities
Peninsular India (Endemic)

Images by Bhaskar.K (Identified by Vijayasankar), (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)


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Date of Pic. taken-06.06.2013

Jatropha heynei N.P.Balakr.

Yes, nice images of Jatropha heynei.

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