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Identification Please. ID No-011 : Attachments (5). 2 posts by 2 authors.


Date of Pic. taken-18.04.2013 & 14.09.2013

Sesamum alatum

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Location : Diguvapalem, Andhra Pradesh (Near Madanapalle)
Date : 10-07-2017

Habit : Shrub (small flower plant)
Habitat : Wild

Please check Scrophulariaceae and Sopubia trifida/ delphinifolia ?, root parasite

Fruits and flowers give impression of any Sesamum

Thanks … sesamum cant be ruled out as opposite leaves and glands bellow the petiole are clearly visible.

Thank you …,

I will consider this as a sesamum species.

Thanks, …, for the initial Id.
I think matches with images at Sesamum alatum


Sesamum alatum: 8 images.

This is from Salem, Tamilnadu
I think this is Sesamum alatum
Kindly confirm

You are right. I have come across with this plant.

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