Is this Opuntia macrorhiza ?: Plz provide Id to this cactus.
Looks like Opuntia sp. …
Plant Habit- Cactus
Habitat- Wild
Location- Taljai Hill , Pune
Date- 14 th April 11.

Opuntia macrorhiza is a justified call

Yes.. you rright

Opuntia for sure, but not sure of the species.

Looks to me like Opuntia engelmannii var. subarmata, at a glance…

Looked for the Latin for “scalloped”, but only came up with conca/concha/pecten.
Curious to hear what others come up with here.
Do you still have access to the plant?

Doesn’t look like macrohiza to me …,

Shape of the pads and height of the plant is way off. Any time you want to be sure of macrohiza, either dig around the base, exposing some of the roots or dig one up, macrohiza has large tuberous roots. But they are also a ground clinger too. Be interesting to see what that is, pretty plant.


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