Neobrachyactis pubescens (Candolle) Brouillet, Fl. China. 20-21: 573.
2011. (syn: Brachyactis pubescens (DC.) Aitch. & C. B. Cl.; Brachyactis robusta Benth.; Conyza edelbergii Rech.fil.; Conyza pubescens DC.; Erigeron robustum (Benth.) Boiss.);
Afghanistan (Badakshan, Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Paktia / Khost, Parwan),
Pakistan (Kurram, Dir, Chitral, Swat, Hazara), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit,
Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Zanskar, Poonch, Kashmir), India
(C-Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh), Nepal, W-Tibet
as per Catalogue of Life;

Images by Gurcharan Singh, Inserted by Gurcharan Singh (Please click link to see details)


Conyza japonica (Thunb.) Less. from Gulmarg, Kashmir: Conyza japonica (Thunb.) Less., Syn. Compos. 204. 1832
syn: Erigeron japonicum Thunb.
Erect herb up to 60 cm tall, often branched in upper part; lower leaves obovate to spathulate, up to 12 cm long, upper gradually reduced, nearly lanceolate, sessile, auriculate; heads pale yellowish, 4-5 mm long, 6-8 mm across in terminal tight corymbs, peduncle slender up to 10 mm long; involucre bracts in 2-3 series, lanceolate, acute, outer slightly shorter; ray florets yellow filiform, numerous; disc florets up to 15, purplish; achene pale brown, obovate, flattened, pappus hairs white.
Photographed in August from slopes below Gulmarg, Kashmir, usually on rocky ground in shaded situations.

After recent interactions and further studies this plant is better identified as Brachyactis pubescens (B. robusta) now correctly named as Neobrachyactis pubescens (DC) Brouillet, Fl. China. 20-21: 573. 2011.

Probably, my plant posted on the way to Gulmarg needs corrections too. I will repost.

Kindly identify the plant.
Date: 3rd August 2011.
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 3000 meters asl.
Plant height: 40-60 cms
Plant habit/habitat: Wild herb

First one is Conyza japonica

Neobrachyactis pubescens as per images and details herein.


Conyza japonica from Paddar valley J&K.: Conyza japonica (THUNB.)

Family: Compositae.
Date: 2nd August 2011
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 3000 meters asl
Plant height: 30-50 cms
Plant habit/habitat: Wild herb

Neobrachyactis pubescens as per images and details herein





Confirmaiton of Brachyactis pubescens : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).  

Please confrim the images shot from as mentioned in the caption 

efi page on Neobrachyactis pubescens (Syn: Brachyactis pubescens (Candolle) Aitchison & C. B. Clarke) 

I think yes it is Brachyactis pubescens.

If this is Brachyactis pubescence.. then what is the conclusion of this thread..??
Because the two doesn’t match..

We have to find the correct identity. I have again floated the threads of your upload, … upload (which are similar) and mine from Kashmir. The two are very different. One has to be fixed for E. acer var. multicaulis, and new name found for another. I tried on Indian Flora Facebook, but found no answer. 

The plant posted here (by …) is more likely to be Conyza japonica

Please visit:

Perhaps I will have to revise my upload of Conyza japonica. Whereas photograph by … on Flowers of India is C. japonica, mine on the same seems to be wrongly identified. I will write to … about it.
As I understand it now more clearly the species of Erigeron have smaller (not foliaceous) ray florets, those with minute ray floret belong better to Conyza, those with minute ray florets and large foliaceous bracts to Brachyactis. That is why your, … plant with shorter peduncles, foliaceous bracts and long Erigeron like ray florets needs to be still fixed.



Pangi variety – id al091011: A few more flowers from Pangi…

Location Pangi, Himachal
Altitude 3000 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Plant height 14-15 inches

In flora of Himachal Pradesh following 5 sp mentioned

B. hieraciifolia: Tomentose, villous or silky, woody, robust herb, leaves oblong crenulate, heads yellow achenes hairy
B lacera: Hairy, villous or glandular, erect herbs, heads yellow, achenes glabrate
B. membranaceae : Pubescent tall slender, much branched herb, leaves large, membranous
B. mollis: Strongly aromatic, erect, viscid herb, stems several from woody base, achenes hairy
B obliqua: softly hairy herbs, heads solitary, yellow, pappus redish
(reported from Kullu) Fl Fr May-july
and Photo taken on 2-8-11
So my guess is B obliqua

Looks different from Blumea obliqua
I could not find a match as per comparative images at Blumea

It is not Blumea, because- the outer most involucral bracts foliaceous, longer than tube

I think it should be Neobrachyactis pubescens as per images, details and references herein. 

yes you are right  



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Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Brachyactis pubescens (DC.) Aitch. & Clarke syn. Brachyactis
robusta Benth.

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