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This photo of Blachia andamanica (Kurz) Hook.f. ssp. andamanica was taken by Dr. P. G. Diwakar in the Andaman Islands. 
It is a common shrub growing along edges of inland forests at low altitudes.

Thanks a lot, …, For bringing these beauties to eFI & showing to us.





Myrtaceae sp from Baratang (Andaman & Nicobar).
Date/Time: 22-12-2010 / 10:00AM 
Habitat: Wild

Bot. name: Syzygium diospyrifolium

makes me wonder if it grown in the sunderbans? and can we sometimes taste it?

Blachia andamanica subsp. andamanica as per another thread: Flora of Andaman25-080111-PKA2

Flora of Andaman25-080111-PKA2: Shrub from Baratang (Andaman & Nicobar).

Date/Time: 22-12-2010 / 10:00AM
Location: On the way to Lime stone cave (Baratang), Andaman & Nicobar.
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Shrub (2 m)
Flowers were Greenish White in colour. Appearance wise looking like Garcinia sp.??

Could this be some species of Eugenia. wild guess

Syzygium diospyrifolium (Wall. ex Duthie) S.N.Mitra

This may not be Syzygium (leaves are alternate). Possibly a species of Euphorbiaceae. Try in Trigonostemon or Blachia

… is right. This is Blachia andamanica subsp. andamanica of the Euphorbiaceae.

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