Pogostemon wightii Benth., Labiat. Gen. Spec. 156 1833. (Syn: Pogostemon hirsutus Wight [Illegitimate]);

Pogostemon wightii

is a small herb found at an attitude of 2,200 m and is endemic to the southern Western Ghats. It is only known from Tamil Nadu (Korakundah, Ooty, Pykara falls in Nilgiri dist.; Kodikanal in Madurai dist., Anamalai in Coimbatore dist.), Kerala (Kottayam, Trivandrum) and Karnataka (Chikmagalur).
It is a seasonal herb mostly found on periodically flooded stream sides or marshy places.
(From IUCN Red List (LC) on 11.1.14)

Subshrubs; branches quadrangular, strigose. Leaves 5-6 x 3-4 cm, ovate, acute at apex, rounded at base, densely strigose, irregularly crenate; nerves 4 pairs. Spikes 4-8 cm long, 1-1.5 cm broad, terminal, continuous with peduncled clusters of flowers, axis densely hairy; bracts linear, ciliate. Flowers perpendicular to the axis; calyx 4 mm long, lobes with bristles along margins; corolla 5 mm long; middle lobe of upper lip narrower, hairy; filaments bearded. Nutlets biconvex to triangular, brown, smooth.
Flowering and fruiting: December-January
Shola forests
Southern Western Ghats





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Please help me in identifying this Pogostemon sp. of Lamiaceae.
Herb: 2-2.5 m long trailing inside the bush
Leaf: up to 8 cm long
Date: 14 Dec 2013
Place: Doddabetta RF, Nilgiris
Alt.: 2500 m asl

This is Pogostemon wightii, an endemic but common one in Nilgiris.

Thanks a lot …

How to differentiate this from Pogostemon speciosus?