Cactus For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 231213 : AK-33 : Attachments (3).  4 posts by 2 authors.
A tall cactus seen in the garden on 23/11/13.

Cereus peruvianus?

These are hard to id for me …,

So many of the Cereus look so much alike. And I think there are two species in the photo. Look at the one on the right, compared with the others in the photo. The areole are standing proud of that plant or sitting on a chin, while those in the rest of the photo are indented into the ribs. This may not be anything, but to me it looks too different and in either case, I think a flower is needed for identification.

Thanks to you and … for resurfacing my post from Lalbagh.
All the three pictures are taken from the same plant.
The third picture is a tender stalk, can be seen in the extreme right in the first picture.
I have taken a picture of a bud from the same place earlier, which I am attaching.
Since it is not a good picture, did not include it in my post. It is taken on 24/7/12.


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