The four-season orchid (Cymbidium ensifolium) is a species of orchid, also known as the golden-thread orchid, spring orchid, burned-apex orchid and rock orchid.

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Here is another pic of a pollinator flying away carrying pollinia from Cymbidium ensifolium on its back. This is not observed very often.
Both pollinator and plant are getting rare these days. Pollinator due to lack of foraging food and plant because of extreme pressure due to collection. Cymbidiums are supposed to be one of the prized possessions for Chinese. They are often referred to as the plants of rich people. Normally leaves are green but, by mistake if it has yellow streaks on leaves then the price goes higher !!!
Pollinators visit the flower for nectar and wax.

Nice shot and perfect timing!

Thanks, …, Picture appears to be really unique as if carrying a big load on its back.

“Load of evolution”

what a beauuty …incredible details 🙂

Thanks a lot …

…, yes, these insects can carry more than 50% of their own weight. In this image, the fly is actually carrying the anther cap along with pollinia, so its looking big, It is expected that the cap will fall off during the flight or when it enters new flower. But yes, the wonders of nature are so intricate that it becomes hard to believe it really happened.
There is an orchid called Gongora. They have fragrance glands on the body of the flower. Flies come to the flower to collect fragrance and when you look closely, you can see the flies not only collecting but also applying the fragrance over their body…. BUT WHY???
Very simple….. to attract females of their species !!!!

Amazing picture and interesting information, we can only salute the intricacies of mother nature. …