Eria spicata (Orchidaceae)? : Attachments (1). 6 posts by 4 authors.  

Uploading for identification please.

Locality: Sikkim, Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctary.

Habit: Epiphytic herb

Habitat: Scarce in tropical to subtropical forests at about 1500 m altitude.

Not Orchid but Zingiberaceae. May be Alpinia sp. or some ornamental…

It is not an orchid, ginger family member. I don’t have idea about the genus.

The Plant belongs to Zingiberaceae for sure. No Orchid at all. Since resolution of picture is very low, i am not able to see details of flower by zooming it. I am suggesting two genera to which it may belong Alpinia or Cautleya as appear by habit and flowering pattern

It is Cautleya sp. of Zingiberaceae. Any photos of flowers available?

Do you have any high resolution images for proper id ?
Any image of the flowers ?

This not an Orchid at all. 

Cautleya sp. ??


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