Maytenus boaria (Mayten) is an evergreen tree of the family Celastraceae, native from South America, up to 20 m (65 ft), 80 cm diameter (30 in), straight trunk. It occurs naturally approximately from 30 to 50ºS: Chile and Argentina.

Its leaves are small, alternate, elliptical, fine serrate margins, light green color, about 2.5 and 5 cm long. The flowers are small; male flowers are brownish yellow and female are green with purple lines. Its fruit is a yellow bivalve capsule, which contains one or two seeds, and is covered by a red-colored membrane. Its seeds are easy to germinate.
The hard wood is used in tool handles and as both ornamental in gardens and reforestation of Chile. Flowers combined with European bees produce a very delicious honey. Its tender leaves are used to feed cattle, in fact the name boaria means bovine, because they enjoy feeding from them.
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Maytenus phyllanthoides, photographed from Sunnyvale California

This is a true Maytenus and thus not related to any of the Indian species. but a native of South America (Chile and Argentina). Maytenus boaria. The leaves are weeping or hanging down similar to a Willow (Salix species)

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