Unknown aquatic herb from Assam : Attachments (8). 8 posts by 5 authors.
Attached images are unknwon aquatic herb. Please ID the plant
Date :17.12.2013
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family : Unknown
Genus & species : Unknown
Habitat: Grows wild on ditches with Utricularia sp.
Habit : Herb

I think this is Chara fragilis

Is it not Nitelle, the green algae??…

Possibly it is Chara sp.

Possibly they are specimens of Nitella as it appears to me but for confirmation please send me the wet (preserved in 4 percent formalin) or herbarium specimens

Yes this is an algae. If the walls are smooth then Nitella and if walls are longitudinally ridged then its a Chara.

Thanks for sharing. This should be the first sharing of an Algae on our group…..



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