Triplostegia glandulifera Wall. ex DC., Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 4: 642 1830. (syn: Hoeckia aschersoniana Engl. & Graebn.; Triplostegia epilobiifolia Leveille (ambiguous synonym); Triplostegia glandulosa DC.; Triplostegia mairei Leveille (ambiguous synonym); Triplostegia pinifolia Leveille (ambiguous synonym); Triplostegia repens Hemsl.);

China (Gansu, Hubei, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan), Taiwan, SE-Tibet, India, Nepal,
N-India (Garhwal) to Bhutan, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam, Myanmar [Burma],
Sulawesi, New Guinea
as per Catalogue of Life;

Images by  Jambey Tsering (ID by Manas Bhaumik)



Required ID please. : Attachments (5).  5 posts by 3 authors.

Ethnic medicinal plant:
Herb; 10-20 cm height;
Temperate forest of East Himalaya (2000 m or 6600 feet);
Root are considered potent medicine as that of Aconitum heterophyllum root.   

Looks like Valeriana, especially the flowers

It seems to me Triplostegia glandulifera Wall. ex DC. (Dipsacaceae).

Thanks …



Triplostegia glandulifera (Dipsacaceae) photographed near Lata Kopri, Upper Nandakini Valley (Chamoli) Uttarakhand.
On shady, moist slopes in forest. 3000m altitude.

Thanks …, a tiny beautiful plant, this was not known to me earlier…





Herb with lyrate leaves SN21117 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Wild herb on the way to Pango top near Kathi, Pindari glacier Uthrakand

Triplostegia glandulifera (Caprifoliaceae). 



Valeriana for sp. ID : 10 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (4)- around 750 kb each. 

Kindly help me to identify this species. Some say it is Valeriana. I request for the confirmation.
The specimen is from Bhutan. Spruce forest. Above 3500 m.

Appears so. Pl. check comparative images at 

himalayan valerian?

To me appears close.

Agree with … 

Thank you so much for your kind concern. I appreciate for sharing your valuable knowledge. Me too resembles Triplostegia.
I anticipate a constant touch with you if you don’t mind.

Also it is recorded in our flora list under Dipsacaceae 

Me too. Correct ID !

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