Coffea wightiana (syn. Psilanthus wightianus) ?;


Rubiaceae shrub for id 301209MK3 : Attachments (3 + 3). 7 posts by 4 authors.

Kindly help to identify this Rubiaceae member.
This shrub is common throughout Tamil Nadu.
Could this be Psilanthus sp.?
Place: Satyamangalam forest Division; Scrub forests

Date: 10 Dec 2009

It could be Psilanthus wightianus (Coffea wightiana).

P. wightianus is called as ‘Mutti’ in Tamil. Looks beautiful in full bloom and the flowers are very fragrant.


Psilanthus wightianus has fragrant flowers and also the leaves are more chartaceous (paper-like).

But the picture I posted has thicker leaves (sub-coriaceous). Any other variety of it? So far Psilanthus wightianus (Wight & Arn.) J. Leroy alone reported from TN.
With this am attaching pictures of fragrant-flowers of a Psilanthus sp.

Kindly resolve this.

Psilanthus wightianus

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