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I am working on a concept where in I require species distribution range and Elevation range of plant species in Indian region. I request all the member it you have got such related species data and would like to share would be really great. also if any books, link or reference is available with any body please provide me. it would be really grateful.

A couple of years back, I was fortunate to hear Dr. M. K. Janarthanam from Goa university narrating how endemics shift their habitat along the altitude, with the changing climate conditions.
You may contact him for further discuss of the same.
Moreover, he is an authority of distributional pattern of many taxa in south India.

Flora of India and other regional Floras and Thesis works on floristics may have the information (at least for some taxa) required by you. (you have not mentioned for what species the details are required). The regional floristic works will have distribution details that may be compared with geographical maps to obtain elevation range details. Just a suggestion.

Thanx … for the suggestions. i am looking for elevation range of tree species, shrubs and endemic plants mostly of westernghats region and peninsular India. even data related to some prominent key representative species would be helpful.

Hope this article have some use to you.


Here is an another article published in CS. Table-4 has data on altitudinal range of some of the key elements in W.Ghats.
article_id_071_05_0379_0392 (1 MB)

Thanx … and … for the articles. definitely it is helpful.