Senecio breviflorus (Kadereit) Greuter, Willdenowia 37: 182 (2007) (syn: Senecio flavus subsp. breviflorus Kadereit; Senecio mohavensis subsp. breviflorus (Kadereit) M.Coleman);
Syria to Sinai: Lebanon-Syria, Palestine, Sinai as per POWO;
Syria, Israel, Jordania, Sinai peninsula as per CoL;


Asteraceae Herb For ID : 260114 : AK-21 : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.
A tiny herb found growing wild in Oman.
Flowers suggest Asteraceae.
Leaves were greenish purple in color.
Picture taken on 18/1/14.

This was subsequently identified by Dr Annette Patzelt of Oman Botanic Gardens as Senecio breviflorus.
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