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Please find my recently published research articles detail given below:
New Species
1. Macrosolen andamanensis published in Indian Journal of Forestry 2013, 36(1):55-59.
2. Carissa andamanensis published in Indian Journal of Forestry 2012
 New Record for India:
1. Macrosolen melintangensis (Kurth) Miq.(Loranthaceae) published in Rheedea 2013, 23(2):108-112
2. Dendrophthoe glabressens ( Blakely) Barlow. ( Loranthaceae) published in Geophytology 2013, 43(1): 41-49
3. Pavetta gleniei Hook.f.- ) published in Indian Journal of Forestry 2013, 36(1):125-128.
 Reported for the first time:
1. Presence of phloem wedges in roots is being reported for the first time in terrestrial roots of B. alliaceum. published in Phytomorphology, 2012, 62(3&$): 145-153.
2. Presence of aerial roots has been reported in the 3- genera: Bignonia alliaceum Lam., Doxantha unguis-cati Rehd. and Pyrostegia venusta Baill. Bignoniaceae for the first time. published in 
3. Vivpary in Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.): A Potential Reproductive Strategy in Island’s Ecosystem published in Geophytology 2013, 43(2): 171-175

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