Acacia nilotica sub sp adstringens : Attachments (2).  4 posts by 3 authors.

Acacia nilotica sub sp adstringens (Schum.&Thonn.) Roberty,

Fam: Mimosaceae

Tree out skirts of Bangalore and Mysore
flowering and fruiting

altitude 850m

The subspecies are not clearly distinguishable.

I doubt it is planted in India. Pl. see Vachellia &

Is there any literature stating it to be cultivated In india ?

I have revised the genus Acacia for India long ago. I am not at all satisfied with the subspecific demarcations of A. nilotica.

It is Acacia nilotica sub sp krausiana.

Any match to legume of Acacia nilotica subsp. subalta ??

More closer to Acacia nilotica subsp. subalta as per

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