Pogostemon pubescens Benth., Prodr. 12: 152 1848. ;

Shrubs. Leaves to 8 x 4 cm, ovate, apex acute, base cuneate, doubly crenate membranous, sparsely hirsute; petiole to 3.5 cm. Panicles axillary and terminal; bracts 5 x 1 mm, oblong, ciliate; calyx tube 4 mm, tooth 1 mm, pubescent; corolla tube 3 mm, upper lip, 3-lobed, 5 mm, lower lip 5 mm; filaments 6 mm, bearded.

Flowering and fruiting: November-December
Shola forests
India and Sri Lanka


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This herb was seen yesterday (2.2.14) at Tungareshwar.
To me it has the same look as Pogostemon purpurascens but the flowers are purple.
It is about 1.5ft – 2ft tall, hairy, branches quadrangular, leaves in unequal pairs, flowers in dense spikes.
Please help to id this species.

This looks so similar to Pogostemon benghalensis. Now keen to know if it is different.
Thanks … for this query.

The thing is, this plant was so hairy, and much smaller than P. benghalensis. It also did not have the strong fragrance of that plant. It was quite herb like and not at all shrub like. I was quite confused.

OK; would like to find comments from those familiar to this Pogostemon.

Suggest P. heyneanus over P. purpurascens.
1. length of inflorescence in P. purpurascens is longer than what i see here.
2. Unable to decide whether calyx teeth are long as tube or not. This is a ‘key’ differentiating feature.
3. P benghalensis
is a large shrub.

Thanks for your suggestion. It’s true that the length of inflorescence seems a bit short for P. purpurascens.

My plant was not at all aromatic. From what I’ve read P. heyneanus is highly aromatic, so I have a doubt.

This looks like Pogostemon pubescens

Yes, many thanks for the id.