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These Poplars have been planted on a road from Symbiosis college to Pune University as avenue trees on a road divider. I think Populus deltoides.

Please opine.

…, it looks like Populus x canadensis (hybrid of P. deltoides and P.nigra).
Populus regenerata Henry ex Schneid.
Specimen collected from Forest Nursery Tangmarg, Kashmir.

The name “Regenerata” is the name of a cultivar of P. ×canadensis.

Thanks … My listing was based on entry in the Plant List, which regards this name (along with thousand of others which they can’t decide about) as unresolved name.

Populus × canadensis Moench

Syn: P. euamericana Guineer
A possible hybrid between P. deltoides and P. nigra herbarium speciment collected from Forest Nursery at Tangmarg, Kashmir.

I doubt the identity of all these specimens collected from Forest Nursery, Tangmarg, kashmir and deposited in KASH. Most probably, these names might have been tagged to these clones by the Forest Deptt. We all know their Expertise?

Sir, this is P. ×canadensis.

Thanks again for confirmation.



Populus × canadensis Moench ‘Gelrica’

syn: P. gelrica (Houtz.) Houtz.
A cultivar with vigorous growth, narrow crown and reddish branches, specimen collected from Forest nursery Tangmarg, Kashmir.

This is also P. ×canadensis, but here the shape and base of leaf lamina little differ from the previous one. I attached one almost similar sheet for understanding the variation of the same cultivar.

Thanks … for confirmation.



Populus × canadensis Moench ‘Eugenei’

A cultivar with narrow pyramidal habit, specimen collected from Forest nursery

This is really difficult to identifying the hybrids of Salix and Populus as they hybrids very frequently in nature.
Your specimen is correctly identified and it represents P. ×canadensis (mother species are P. deltoides and P. nigra). I found little difference between this specimen and the other P.×canadensis of your next post. The base of leaf blade here is truncate but in your next post it is broadly cuneate to sub-rounded. But it happens although the mother species are same just like the siblings vary in spite of being originated from the same parents. I attached one specimen like this.

Populus x robusta C.K. Schneid.
A vigorous tree with ascending branches, cuneate to subcordate leaves, specimen collected from Forest Nursery Tangmarg, Kashmir.

Thanks, …, Both The Plant List & GRIN states it to be syn. of Populus ×canadensis Moench

Yes …


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