du-MA-si-a — named after the French scientist Jean B. Dumas … Origins of Plant Names by D A Patil
vil-OH-suh — covered with soft hairs … Dave’s Botanary 

commonly known asdumasia • Malayalamപുല്ലൂരാൻ ചരടു കൊടി pullooran-charadu-kodi

Twining herbs; stem retrorsely hispid. Leaves 3-foliolate; leaflets to 7 x 5 cm, rhomboid, acute or obtuse, adpressed-hairy, stipellate; petiole to 7 cm long; stipule 7 mm long, lanceolate. Racemes axillary, to 5 cm long; bracts and bracteoles subulate. Flowers many, yellow; calyx 12 mm long, tubular, black, glabrous; corolla yellow; standard erect, 20 mm long, obovate, clawed; wings 15 mm long, obovate, long-clawed; keel brown at apex; stamens 9+1; anthers uniform; ovary villous, many-ovuled. Pods 4 x 0.6 cm, oblong, sub-terete, acute, stalked, glabrous; seeds 3-5, 3 x 2 mm, black.

Flowering and fruiting: August-December
Margins of evergreen forests
Indo-Malesia, China and Africa


Fabaceae-Faboideae (Papilionaceae) Week: RVS17: Shuturia vestita: 3 images.
Shuturia vestita from the W.Ghats near Tirunelveli, TN. Sorry for poor pictures…

I am not finding genus Shuturia anywhere. Pl. clarify.

We definitely have a species known as Shuteria vestita….

the accepted name is Shuteria involucrata (Wall.) Wight & Arn., as per The Plant List http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl/record/ild-32630

Taxonomy of this species seems quite confused.
Sites treating both (Shuteria involucrata & Shuturia vestita) as a single species:
The Plant List Ver.1.1 & ILDIS
Sites treating both as different species:
GRIN & Flora of China
Which one to follow for our website ?

But this one looks totally different from Shuteria vestita identified in this thread.

This is not Shuteria. This one is Dumasia villosa.
See the obliquely truncate calyx

Thank you so much for the ID correction.
I think you are right!

…, I had also shared a plant from Gori valley, ultimately identified as Dumasia villosa… I will try to provide link..

Yes it is a frequent climber in temperate Uttarakhand. Common in Valley of Flowers track.


This straggling herb was recorded from Gori Valley area..
Id was concluded as Dumasia villosa..

Dumasia villosa ABAUG2016/69 : 6 posts by 4 authors. 5 images.
While scrambling up a slope to photograph a bunch of wild ginger flowers, I stumbled upon this vine climbing on a support cable of an electrical pole. I think this is Dumasia villosa. Please validate.
Dumasia villosaHimalayan dumasia
Near Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
28 August 2016

Superb captures!!!

Yesterday when I went to check on the plant I found one seedpod among blossoming flowers. 2 images.

Very nice for completing the set.

A couple more of the developing seedpods from yesterday (21.9.16). 2 images.

Kemmangundi Road Karnataka
Date: 13 NOV 2016 … Altitude: ~ 1021 – 1369 m (3349 – 4491 ft) asl
ID please … … (family: Asteraceae)

Dear friends,
I have no idea about the posted plant’s family. Most of the photos are cropped versions, to show some aspects closer.
Flowers could be (not very sure) 10 mm across, 25 mm long; the second photo, perhaps shows fruits, could be 8 – 10 mm across.

Thanks to Vijayasankar ji’s post; this plant must be Shuteria vestita Wight & Arn.

Re-commenting … it must be Dumasia villosa DC. as commented by … in Vijayasankar ji’s post.

I agree with Dumasia villosa

via Species‎ > ‎D‎ > Dumasia villosa DC. … family: Fabaceae ~ Papilionaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
du-MA-si-a — named after the French scientist Jean B. Dumas … Origins of Plant Names by D A Patil
vil-OH-suh — covered with soft hairs … Dave’s Botanary 
commonly known asdumasia • Malayalamപുല്ലൂരാൻ ചരടു കൊടി pullooran-charadu-kodi 
botanical namesDumasia villosa DC. … synonymsDumasia congesta Wight & Arn. • Dumasia glaucescens Miq. • Dumasia pubescens DC. … status at The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1. 
November 13, 2016 … Kemmangundi, Karnataka 

du-MA-si-a — or Jean Baptiste André Dumas, French politician and chemist … Plant genera named after people
vil-OH-suh — covered with soft hairs … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: hairy-stemmed dumasia • Malayalam: പുല്ലൂരാൻ ചരടു കൊടി pullooran-charadu-kodi
botanical namesDumasia villosa DC. … accepted infraspecificsDumasia villosa var. arunachalensis Predeep & M.P.Nayar • Dumasia villosa subsp. bicolor (Hayata) H.Ohashi & Tateishi • Dumasia villosa var. leiocarpa (Benth.) Baker • Dumasia villosa subsp. villosa … POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
hairy-stemmed dumasia
  • name given for want of name; the epithet villosa meaning “covered with soft hairs” … plant stem covered with velvety hairs
~~~~~ BENGALI ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ HINDI ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
പുല്ലൂരാൻ ചരടു കൊടി pullooran-charadu-kodi
~~~~~ MANIPURI ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ NEPALI ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ RAJASTHANI ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ TELUGU ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
  • Distributed in Andhra Pradesh, rare occurences in Visakhapatnam … Flora Andhrika – Plant Wealth of Andhra Pradesh, India
~~~~~ x ~~~~~

SK 2409 23 January 2020 : 21 posts by 4 authors. 6 images- 6 to 7 mb each.
Location: Shivapuri National Park
Date:  20 January 2020
Elevation: 1450m.
Habitat: Wild
Which Fabaceae ??

A Mucuna sp. ?

I guess as species of Mucuna.

Does not look like match with any!

It seems Desmodium

To me looks different from Desmodium 

Certainly species of Desmodium from leaf and pods

Did you see the seeds ?

Dumasia villosa DC. ??

Yes, appears close to images at Dumasia villosa

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