Owls of Bengal——-My article বাংলার প্যাঁচা (Owls of Bengal) and my 8 photos of various owl species have been published in the 5th issue of বন্যপ্রাণ (Banyapran) Magazine. In this article, I have narrated my experience of meeting the eight species of owls in the lap of nature. This marvelous issue is lavishly illustrated with more than hundred high quality stunning photos of wildlife of India. This issue is also loaded with fascinating facts and interesting informations on the mysterious world of animals. The various other topics that have been elaborately discussed include the Manas National Park, Rhino, Tigers, Otters, Dibru-Saikhowa, Pangolin, Butterflies of Kulik, Jerdon’s Baza, Birds of Thattekad, Darters, Dragonflies and many more. This magazine will be of great interest to general readers as well as nature lovers, wildlife-photographers and reseachers. To me, its more of an illustrated wildlife book than just a magazine and It is also strongly recommended especially for children who are gradually going away from nature with the changing lifestyles of the cities. They will certainly enjoy reading this magazine as it is written in simple easily understandable language. This issue is available in all major magazine stalls. I had a copy of this excellent issue today. Grab your copy soon and enjoy the exciting journey through the fascinating world of Indian Wildlife.