Friesodielsia sahyadrica Navendu V. Page, Siddharthan Surveswaran, 2014; 

Images by Navendu Page (Inserted by J.M.Garg) 






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Friesodielsia sahyadrica– a rare shrub has been discovered last year by Navendu Page within Kathlekan forest in north Karnatak.

This species belongs to the family of Annonaceae or that of Artabotrys zeylanica.

The scientific paper discribing this new sp. has been recently published in `Phototaxa` a scientific journal of repute.

A flower, tree, raw and mature fruits are seen in the photos.

Hearty congratulations, … Very nice accomplishment.

Congranctulations. I published Friesodielsia pushpangadanii in 1984 and Dr. D. R. Frodin, expert on this genus, from Papua and New Guinea confirmed our new species

Lovely Find and awesome discovery Congratulations!!! … and … ir and thanks for shearing lovely photographs of the species  

Great exploration and beautiful pics. My hearty congratulations to … Linnaean Taxonomy progressing!

Congratulations …

Really a great achievement.

Hard work always pays with such fruitful results.
Keep going.



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You have got extraordinary collection of plants from WG.. Thanks again..




Shrub for ID from Katlekan- PKA-Nov-02 : ……………..

I take this opportunity and once again request you to kindly send me a PDF of your following publication for our reference:
Friesodielsia sahyadrica N. V. Page & Surueshw. in Phytotaxa 158: 278, ff, 3 – 4. 2014.

Thank you for your email. You can just call me … as I haven’t yet got my Doctorate degree.
Please find attached a copy of my Friesodielsia paper. 
Please follow this link for a list of all the floras that have recorded this species for Karnataka.
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Please find the PDF copies of article published in the Devagiri Journal of Science
​1. ……………………
2. ……………………….
3. A new genus record to Kerala in Annonaceae

Thank you very much …,

The publications on Dalechampia and Friesodielsia will be useful for us.