Curio radicans (L. f.) P. V. Heath, Calyx 6:55. 1999 (Syn: (≡) Cacalia radicans L. f. (basionym); (≡) Kleinia radicans (L. f.) Haw.; (≡) Senecio radicans (L. f.) Sch. Bip.);

Senecio radicans (String of Bananas) is a succulent houseplant. A member of the family Asteraceae, the asters, this species is closely related to the common String of Pearls, and is native to South Africa. It has multiple tendrils of glossy, banana-shaped foliage.

Like most members of the Senecio genus, S.radicans is relatively hardy and easy to grow, making it a great starting point for novice gardeners and those seeking entry to the succulent or container gardening hobbies.[1] An interesting addition to any home or garden, S. radicans is especially good for pots, hanging baskets, succulent gardens, and other areas in need of textural interest.[2]
Individuals of this species have a prostrate growth habit with mat-forming stems 15–30 cm long.[3] Its growth in long, matted tendrils makes the “String of Bananas” an excellent groundcover, as well as ideal for cascading over the edges of containers or hanging baskets.[2]
Grown for the shape, texture, and color of its attractive foliage rather than for its blooms, Senecio radicans can provide a much needed textural element to a garden. This plant features fleshy, glossy, and elongated succulent leaves that curve and taper to a pointed tip, much like the shape of a banana. Each leaf if cylindrical in shape, 2–3 cm long, and features 2 translucent lines on either side.[3] With an alternate arrangement of leaves and a delicate branching pattern of the strands, this plant’s foliage is truly its most captivating feature.[2]
Senecio radicans produces small, cinnamon-scented, white or off-white flowers, usually in the late winter or early spring seasons, although some growers are able to encourage multiple flowering periods throughout the year.[2] Like other species in the Senecio genus, The inflorescences consist of clusters of many small flowers on a common receptacle.[1] This species, like most of the Senecios, are grown more for the color, shape, or texture of their foliage than for their blooms, which are small, white, and not very showy.[2][3]
The Senecio radicans is purely ornamental and should never be ingested since all portions of this species are toxic.
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Another hanging ornamental plant seen at a plant nursery. Senecio?
Id please.

fishhook sedum

Many thanks …
On searching, the botanical name seems to be Senecio radicans.
Correct me if wrong.
Found one more common name….String of Bananas.

Senecio radicans & String of Bananas
You are right madam

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Kindly help with identification of this Cultivated Succulent.

May be a cultivar of Kalanchoe beauverdii

its a mature plant…ie growing for a long time yet there are no baby sprouts at the tips of the finger like leaves
so most likely not a kalanchoe beauvardii
it tends to have the baby plants
to me it looks more like Senecio radicans or String of Bananas or Necklace Plant
there is small spot of orangeish  yellow on the top left corner … a flower ??
… do you have more pictures? esp. of the top of the planter?
or could you please enlarge the top left in your original pixel picture and share it here please?

could you see the flower in the enlargemnt?
see above

Seems to be Senecio radicans.


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Senecio radicans
Synonyms: Curio radicans, Kleinia radicans
family Asteraceae
Common name: String of Bananas
Photographed in Shimla

is this a botanical garden in your place? the plant is flowering now. wonderful
we saw the  first picture in todays series way back/earlier in this thread in 2014. so it took this long to flower?
love the flower picture and its details

Di, it is flowering in our college green house these days. Earlier photographs were from an exhibition in Shimla.


Senecio radicans from Nauni Campus, Solan-GS13012022-2: 3 high res. images.
Senecio radicans (syn: Curio radicans)
photographed from Nauni Campus, Solan, 28-5-2015






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