Magnolia virginiana L.
evergreen to deciduous tree often with multitrunks, leaves elliptic to obovate up to 20 cm long, with large up to 5 cm long; flowers fragrant 5-8 cm across, creamy-white with 2 spathaceous bracts.
Photographed from California.



Tree seen in the garden in October.

Difficult to tell from the image but look at Magnolia

Your guess was correct.
The garden’s Planthotline has suggested Magnolia virginiana



Magnolia Species for ID : New York : 07AUG19 : AK-17 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Magnolia Species seen in a park in Manhattan.

A very small tree.

Magnolia virginiana L. ??

It may be one of the Sweet Bay Magnolia:




Magnolia Species for ID : New Jersey : 19SEP19 : AK-08 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
Magnolia Species seen in a cultivated garden in New Jersey in June,2017.

Magnolia virginiana ?? 

Thanks for the id. I recollect to have seen a similar plant in New York.

could be but..there are many hybrids too and hybrids have abounded since 1800s. so one has to be careful. it seems to be sweetbay magnolia. i.e. magnolia virginiana
did you smell the scent even from a little away? was it swamy/ near a pond etc? one stem or multiple stems. bark what did it look like? have any pictures? habitat picture?
but must look at all details and look at the flora of North America and match it up
for details of m. virginiana

These are all the pictures I have. Also, couldn’t go closer to the tree. All the pictures have been taken by zooming.

well, if you were far … than it would have been possible to get habit photo but
in the excitement of finding magnolia flowers we all sometimes forget the tree trunk and habit photos or we are too close to get habit pic we may have to cross the street or walk all the way back on a lawn or something which is not always possible. I understand that happens to me all the time. but you should try to get bark pic and base of the tree pic from now on.
and then tell me what you found.

Thanks … Looks close to Magnolia virginiana only.

Ok, thanks.



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