Salicaceae (including Flacourtiaceae) Fortnight: Statistics : Attachments (1). 5 posts by 4 authors.
I have compiled the statistics on an excel sheet as usual of the genera and species discussed during the fortnight.

24 Salix sp. and 15 Populus sp. were discussed.
Flacourtia Caesaria Homalium and Oncoba were also discussed

Thanks so much … for this important data. I think we have discussed two more species of Salix (S. ichnostachya and S. sikkimensis) during the fortnight.

Thanks for the correction … I will add them. In fact one of the post was pertaining to a plant posted by me itself. Somehow I haven’t got time to critically check it again. It will be an important addition if it is correct because nobody has posted S.ichnostachya so far I suppose.

Populus Salix
Populus alba Salix acmophylla
Populus balsamifera Salix aegyptiaca
Populus caspica Salix alba
Populus ciliata Salix alba cv. ‘Tristis’
Populus deltoides Salix babylonica
Populus euphratica Salix calyculata
Populus gamblei Salix daltoniana
Populus nigra var.italica Salix denticulata
Populus szechuanica var. tibetica Salix dolichostachya
Populus × berolinensis Salix excelsa
Populus × canadensis Salix flabellaris
Populus pamirica Salix hylematica
Populus regenerata Salix karelinii
Populus x robusta Salix lindleyana
Populus nigra var.nigra Salix longiflora
Salix matsudana
Salix matsudana ‘Tortuosa’
Salix obscura
Salix psilostigma
Salix sericocarpa
Salix serpyllum
Salix tetrasperma
Salix wallichiana
Salix ×fragilis

Casearia Flacourtia Homalium Oncoba
Casearia tomentosa Flacourtia inermis Homalium ceylanicum Oncoba spinosa
Casearia wynadensis Flacourtia montana
Casearia graveolens Flacourtia indica
Casearia esculenta Flacourtia latifolia
Casearia ovata