Magnolia liliifera (L.) Baill., Hist. Pl. 1: 141 1868. (Syn: Aromadendron oreadum (Diels) Kaneh. & Hatus.; Blumia candollei Nees [Invalid]; Liriodendron liliiferum L.; Magnolia andamanica (King) D.C.S.Raju & M.P.Nayar; Magnolia andamanica King [Invalid]; Magnolia candollei (Blume) H.Keng [Illegitimate]; Magnolia craibiana Dandy; Magnolia eriostepta var. poilanei Dandy ex Humbert [Invalid]; Magnolia forbesii King [Invalid]; Magnolia kunstleri King [Invalid]; Magnolia mutabilis (Blume) H.J.Chowdhery & P.Daniel; Magnolia odoratissima Reinw. ex Blume [Invalid]; Magnolia pachyphylla Dandy; Magnolia poilanei (Dandy ex Humbert) Callaway [Invalid]; Magnolia pulgarensis Dandy; Magnolia pumila Andrews; Magnolia rumphii (Blume) Spreng.; Magnolia splendens Reinw. ex Blume [Invalid]; Magnolia thamnodes Dandy; Manglietia celebica Miq.; Manglietia sebassa King; Manglietia thamnodes (Dandy) Gagnep.; Talauma andamanica King; Talauma athliantha Dandy; Talauma borneensis Merr.; Talauma candollei Blume; Talauma candollei var. latifolia Blume; Talauma celebica Koord.; Talauma forbesii King; Talauma gitingensis Elmer ..; Talauma gracilior Dandy; Talauma inflata P.Parm.; Talauma javanica P.Parm.; Talauma kunstleri King; Talauma liliifera (L.) Kurz; Talauma liliifera (L.) Kuntze; Talauma longifolia (Blume) Ridl.; Talauma macrophylla Blume ex Miq.; Talauma miqueliana Dandy; Talauma mutabilis Blume …; Talauma nhatrangensis Dandy; Talauma oreadum Diels; Talauma pulgarensis Elmer; Talauma pumila (Andrews) Blume; Talauma reticulata Merr.; Talauma rubra Miq.; Talauma rumphii Blume; Talauma sebassa (King) Miq. ex Dandy; Talauma soembensis Dandy; Talauma sumatrana A.Agostini; Talauma thamnodes (Dandy) Tiep; Talauma undulatifolia A.Agostini);  

Common name: Egg Magnolia • Hindi: हिम चम्पा Him Champa • Manipuri: ঊথম্বাল Oothambal 



Magnolia: A Magnolia bud from my garden in Bangalore, taken yesterday. Sadly the bud fell off soon after, before blooming. This is the third time it has happened.

Can any of the members advise on how to prevent this.

Looks more like Talauma mutabilis but I am not sure how to prevent the premature bud fall

Spray planofix (2ml in one litre of water) at the beginning of flowering i.e. initiation of buds once a week to prevent fall of buds. This is available in agro-chemicals shop.

thank you … will be useful for all those that have plnats in gardens, balcony, rooftop terrace… etc




 I am sending herewith the photographs of Magnolia species (M. grandiflora ?) for confirmation.
Photos taken in a park in Mysore on 6.11.2011.

Not Magnolia grandiflora at least

Magnolia liliifera (L.) Baill. is the current name. syn Talauma mutabilis. This is a shrub with much smaller flowers than M. grandiflora. The leaves are not coriaceous and golden brown beneath.

Yes …, now Magnolia liliifera.

Egg Magnolia is a medium size tree with large velvet leaves and fragrant yellowish off-white flowers about 4-5″ wide.
It is found in North-East India – Assam, Manipur, Sikkim.
Before opening, buds have an egg shape, hence the common name.
One of the most valuable ornamental fragrant trees of Asia.
A highly valued fragrant flower of this small tree or shrub resembles Dwarf Magnolia flower, but the scent is much stronger. Leaves are large, 7-9 inches long and 4 inches wide.
Can be grown in container in a well-lit spot.
Egg Magnolia is similar to Dwarf Magnolia, as both species have those egg shaped flowerbuds, but Dwarf Magnolia flowers are white.
Requesting ID of this plant found in a cultivate garden in Mumbai in Apr 2013

Magnolia pumila कवठी चाफा

As per, the accepted name is Magnolia liliifera..

Attached are pictures of Magnolia liliifera from Mumbai in April 2013.
This has been posted and identified on this forum.

Posted on our group earlier and identified by …

24th of October, 2008/ 10.06 am: Kodaikanal; Magnolia for ID : 200310-AK-3 – efloraofindia | Google Groups



Dilleniaceae, Magnoliaceae and Annonaceae Fortnight : Magnolia For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 110314 : AK-3 : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.  Magnolia seen in Lalbagh, Bangalore in November, 2013.

Didn’t see the buds open, they would fall off as they are seen here.
A small, cultivated tree.
Magnolia liliiflora?

Talauma mutabilis कवठी चाफा Pune

Magnolia liliiflora seen at the plant nursery.

Kindly validate.

efi page on Magnolia liliiflora   

Appears to be Magnolia liliifera

Thanks …

Requesting to please identify this Magnolia (Local name: कवठी चाफा), photographed in June 2013, at Shripadwadi – a small village near Gadhinglaj, Dist Kolhapur, Maharashtra)

Very good photographs. Would be interesting to know its ID.

Check for Talauma grandiflora of Magnoliaceae

Appears to be Magnolia liliifera

Thanks for confirming the id.




MAGNOLIA LILIIFERA ( EGG MAGNOLIA ) : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

Attaching four images and a collage of Magnolia liliifera (EGG MAGNOLIA).


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