Parodia herteri (Werderm.) N.P. Taylor, Bradleya 5: 93 1987. (Syn: Echinocactus herteri Werderm. (Unresolved); Notocactus herteri Werderm.; Ritterocactus herteri (Werderm.) Doweld (Unresolved)) ?;



Duars : cactus08 : 06Mar2014 : Coryphantha? : Attachments (1). 6 posts by 2 authors.

Another beautiful looking cactus from Duars.

Not Coryphantha …,

Coryphantha have tubercles, not ribs and the flowers come from the axil of the tubercles like Mammillaria. This is one of the Notocactus or Parodia (Notocactus has been put into Parodia). I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with this genus to know which species.

From the flower and body shape could be Parodia herteri


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