Schoenoplectus subulatus (Vahl) Lye, Bot. Not. 124: 290 (1971). (Syn: (=) Schoenoplectus litoralis (Schrad.) Palla; (=) Scirpus litoralis Schrad.; (≡) Scirpus subulatus Vahl (basionym));
Afghanistan; Algeria; Andaman Is.; Angola; Burkina; Burundi; Chad; Comoros; Egypt; Ethiopia; Gabon; Hainan; India; Iran; Jawa; Lesser Sunda Is.; Line Is.; Madagascar; Marianas; Morocco; Namibia; Nansei-shoto; New Caledonia; New Guinea; New South Wales; Nicobar Is.; Niger; Northern Territory; Oman; Pakistan; Philippines; Phoenix Is.; Queensland; Rwanda; Senegal; South Australia; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Thailand; Vietnam; Western Australia; Zare as per Catalogue of Life;


Wetland :: Sedge for identification :: 11032014MK :: March003 :  5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6).
Please help me in identifying the Cyperaceae sedge. Dominates the land like mat. Is a species of Cyperus?
Height: 1.5-2 m
Date: 07 March 2014
Place: Ariyalur dist., TN
Altitude: c. 50 m asl
Habitat: wetland, marsh

I think it is Schoenoplectus litoralis

This is Schoenoplectus litoralis (Schrad.) Palla, probably subsp. subulatus (Vahl) Soják

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