Centaurea pseudosinaica Czerep., Bot. Mater. Gerb. Bot. Inst. Komarova Akad. Nauk S.S.S.R. 20 392 1960. ;

by Aarti S Khale (Id assistance by Gurcharan Singh) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click
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Taken at Muscat, Oman on the 12th of March, 2010 and 1st of April, 2010.
Some kind of thistle?
Had sent this to some of my eflora member friends earlier but not posted on the group.

I hope Centaurea solstitialis, quite common in California in USA

Yes locally known here as STAR THISTLE, (Because of the thorns display in a star like pattern I guess) once it gets on your sandy property, very difficult to eradicate, and painful to walk against…. most states list it as a noxious weed because of the ” toxic” sap or milk… if grazed by animals… I personally have never seen any
animal trying to eat it though…. but i am sure the forestry dept knows of cases…

Star thistle is the common name for various species of this genus Centaurea. This species with yellow heads is known as yellow star thistle. other names being:
golden star thistle
St. Barnaby’s thistle
yellow centaury,
yellow cockspur
I am uploading mine from California
Centaurea iberica grows commonly in Kashmir, commonly growing in highly grazed areas because of both poisonous nature and armed when in flower.

There is correction in the id.
The ones found here are Centaurea pseudosinaica.



The Plant List Ver.1.1
 IPNI  Arkive  Flora Of Eastern Saudi Arabia By Mandaville (2013)

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