I have organised Sahyadri Festival to celebrate World Forest Day of 21st March. The festival will be for 3 days, 19, 20 and 21 March. The venue is Balgandharva Art Gallery, JM road Pune. The timings are 5 to 8 pm on each day. The events are as below.
1. Exhibition of photographs on Flowers of Sahyadri by Navendu Page and Shrikant Ingalhalikar. Open on all 3 days, 5-8 pm.
2. 19th March, Release of new book, ‘Additions to Flowers of Sahyadri’ written by Shrikant Ingalhalikar at the hands of Dr. S. R. Yadav.
3. 19th march, Lecture on ‘Plant Exploration in Sahyadri’ by Dr. S.R. Yadav.
4. 20th March, Launch of website www.flowersofsahyadri.com and Launch of new Web Application ‘Flowers of Sahyadri’ designed by Shrikant Ingalhalikar for Search and Identification of 2200 flowering plants of Sahyadri.
5. 20th March, Lecture on ‘Basics of Tree Identification’ by Navendu Page.
6. 21st March, Release of new book, ‘Enumeration of Flowering Plants of Pune Metropolitan Region’ written by Shrikant Ingalhalikar.
7. 21st March, Lecture on ‘Colours in nature’ by Dr. Madhav Gadgil.
This is a good opportunity for plant lovers living in Sahyadri. Those living away and have been wanting to visit Pune can plan a visit along with their other work.
I will post invitation card and more information about the new book and the Web App separately. My sincere invitation to all members.

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It’s really going to be a great festival with all those listed programmes.
Congrats once again for all the initiatives you have taken. Thanks to others also for doing the wonderful work.
Indian Flora scene is really live.

Thanks … for organizing this valuable event which will surely benefit plant lovers…
you really deserve applaud for such wonderful accomplishments…
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