by Anurag N Sharma, Identified E.S. Santhosh Kumar (Inserted
by J.M.Garg)




09042014Al193 Acanthaceae (possibly) for ID : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).

Found in Bangalore

It looks like Ruellia elegans,

Does not match Ruellia elegans

Beloperone plumbaginifolia

Thank you …

Thanks, …,
As per The Plant List Ver.1.1 Beloperone plumbaginifolia Nees is a synonym of Justicia plumbaginifolia J.Jacq.
But I am not finding other refrences to confirm it.
Pl. help. 



The Plant List Ver.1.1
 IPNI  (Beloperone plumbaginifolia NeesGRIN  JSTOR | Global Plants: Type of Beloperone plumbaginifolia   toxicology centre (Beloperone plumbaginifolia) Plant illustrations (Justicia plumbaginifolia J.Jacq.)