Ericaceae (incl. Vacciniaceae) Fortnight :: Statistics : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 3 authors. 
Attaching an excel sheet showcasing the genera and species discussed during the Ericaceae fortnight. Total 43 species were discussed. Thanks to all the members.

Agapetes bhutanica

Arbutus unedo

Arctostaphylos  catalinae

Cassiope fastigiata

Arctostaphylos insularis

Arctostaphylos viridissima

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Arctostaphylos stanfordiana

Arctostaphylos tomentosa

Arctostaphylos rudis

Erica blanda

Gaultheria numularioides

Lyonia ovalifolia

Gaultheria trichophylla

Pieris ovalifolius

Rhododendron anthopogon

Sarcodes sanguinea

Vaccinium ovatum

Pieris japonica

Rhododendron arboreum

Pieris formosa

Rhododendron campanulatum

Rhododendron ebony pearl

Rhododendron gibsonii

Rhododendron griersonianum

Rhododendron griffithianum

Rhododendron GUMPO PINK

Rhododendron hyperythrum

Rhododendron indicum

Rhododendron indicum (L.) Sweet  ‘Happy Days’

Rhododendron indicum ‘Rose Glow’

Rhododendron lepidotum

Rhododendron Maddenii

Rhododendron Noyo chief

Rhododendron occidentale

Rhododendron ponticum

Rhododendron pulchrum

Rhododendron sinogrande

Rhododendron wightii

Rhododendron  ‘Hinodegiri’

Rhododendron johnstonea

Rhododendron dalhousiae

Thank you … I have one suggestion to delete Hemiphragma from the list of Ericaceae, as Hemiphragma fall under Scrophulariaceae. Pieris ovalifolius is no more exist, it is actually Lyonia ovalifolia. others ok

Thanks for the feedback. Will update and attach as a separate file.


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