Ficus hederacea Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832 3: 538 1832. (Syn: Ficus anabatos Voigt; Ficus cantoniensis Bodinier ex H.Lév.; Ficus fructicosa Roxb.; Ficus longipes Griff.; Ficus ludens Wall. [Invalid]; Ficus scandens Roxb. [Illegitimate]);
Common name: Ivy Fig • Nepali: दुधे लहरी dudhe lahari


Ficus sarmentosa ??? AT Sept 2017/03 : 11 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Ficus sarmentosa ???
Mentioned as F. foveolata in FLORA SIMLENSIS by Col. Collett and all descrition matching with it except figs.
Confusion is: In my samples, fruits are smooth but at EFI and FoI,
fruits are warty in appearance. Even leaves appear somewhat different.

District Bilaspur. H.P. and Shimla H.P.

This should be Ficus hederacea Roxb.
Leaves are not appearing distichous in first image (distichous in F. sarmentosa), not so acute to acuminate (as in F. sarmentosa); basal lateral veins extending to 1/3 to 1/2 of leaf blade length in F. hederacea.
As both species have lot of variations in morphological characters and difficult to follow few literature for identification. In both species Figs appear axillary, solitary or paired, sessile to stalked (up to 1.5 cm long peduncle), fig surface smooth to sparsely pubescent, or densely covered with brown hairs. Can be differentiated with presence/ absence of bristles when transversely dissected. Fig colour in F. sarmentosa  is purplish whereas in F. hederacea from yellow to dark red.

Thank you, … It seems convincing. Now, I have to recheck the plants occurring Shimla, as they have missed their entry in FLORA SIMLENSIS.

Thank you … These may very well be F. heterophylla but I haven’t revisited the plant and studied it properly. I hope to do so soon.



MS March, 2018/04 Ficus sp. for ID : Attachments (1)
Location : Tamdil, Mizoram

Date : 16-03-2018
Habit : Climbing shrub, climbing on tree trunk.
Habitat : Wild
Mizo : Vai-sawi

Pl. check comparative images at Ficus

This should be Ficus hederacea Roxb.

Ficus sp. for ID(Climber) : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).
Location : Lengpui, Mizoram. Date : 10-04-2014.

Habitat : It grows wild in the forest, and it climbs on the tree (Chisocheton sp.). Habit : Climbing shrub

I am 95 % sure this photograph is Ficus hederacea Roxb. (= F. scandens Roxb.), as this identification is based only on photograph and after zooming it photo becomes blurred. Authentic identification is possible only with live materiel or herbarium specimens.

Thanks so much sir … for the id.

Looks somewhat different from the given ID. Peduncles looks shorter.


SK2000 14 June 2019 : 9 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)- around 750 kb each.

Location: Godawari, Lalitpur,, Nepal
Altitude: 1521 m.
Date: 04 June 2019
Habit : Wild
Ficus pubigera (Wall. ex Miq.) Miq. ???

Does the characteristics as described in ACFPN link matches ??

This is Ficus hederacea Roxb., receptables on long peduncles. Mostly sessile in F. pubigera.

Request for Ficus spesies id: 1 image.
Please check attached images of Ficus, for me this may be F.hederacea
captured at Doda JK alt approx 1900m

Ficus hederacea Roxb.


Identification of Plant: Please give the ID assistance to this plant
This is a climber from Assam
There was no flower at that time
Please help me to identification of the plant

Looks like Ficus sp.

Closer to Ficus sarmentosa !

These images look different for me from Ficus sarmentosa
Could you please check?

This is not F. sarmentosa.

Not F. sarmentosa which is a shrub and this looks climber!

This should be Ficus hederacea Roxb.


Tiny Climber For ID : Uttarakhand : 300513 : AK-3 : Attachments (1). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Saw this tiny climber near flowing water at the Jim Corbett Waterfall.
No flowers.

Ficus sp. may be F.sarmentosa.

Thanks … for this id too.


This climber was posted by me earlier.
During our recent visit came across the same in many places in the thick moist forest.
Adding a picture taken on 17/5/14 at Jim Corbett.
Hope it will help in validation.

Seems Ficus sarmentosa.

Thanks for confirming … Any common names for it?

This should be Ficus hederacea Roxb. [Leaves acute to obtuse in F. sarmentosa leaves acuminate with slightly long acumen].

MS, July, 2021/08 Ficus sp. for id.: 2 images.
Location : Marpara
Date : 18/12/2020
Habit : Climbing shrub
Habitat :Wild

Ficus pubigera (Wall. ex Miq.) Miq. ???

This should be Ficus hederacea Roxb.


Ficus hederacea Roxb.: 4 very high res. images.
Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur, Nepal
Altitude: 1698 m.
Date: 19 December 2023
Habit : Wild





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