Just today Mr. A. M. Gokhale, Retired IAS, settlet in Pune, winner of Padmashree and a plant lover called me over telephone and informed that he has opened a website called www.signaturesofplants.com I tried it today. He has given easy identity key for many plants of Maharashtra and Nagaland. request you to try this website and then if it is found useful, please circulate it among the members of eflora of India.

Thanks, …
Let the members try & give their feedback.
Seems to be a very good work by …

I request members to pl. give necessary feedback, if possible. 


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my website has been improved slightly.
pl do visit.
one more issue – in the website of indiantrees, are there any links given to websites which tackle the question of locating the scientific name starting from a description of characteristics ?
i would like to use them.