Fissistigma polyanthum (Hook.f. & Thomson) Merr.

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Fissistigma verrucosum (Hook. f. & Thomson) Merr. (Assam to Bangladesh: Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar as per POWO)

A conspectus of Indo-Burmese Annonaceae by I. M. Turner- Nordic Journal of Botany 33: 257–299, 2015-
Species in India with distribution:
Fissistigma bicolor (Roxb.) Merr.- India [West Bengal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya]; Nepal; Bhutan; Bangladesh; Burma 
Fissistigma ellipticum (King) Debika Mitra- India [Assam]; Bangladesh 
Fissistigma manubriatum (Hook. f. & Thomson) Merr. (Doubtful)
Fissistigma polyanthum (Hook. f. & Thomson) Merr.- India [Assam, Nagaland, Manipur]; Bhutan; Bangladesh; Burma  Fissistigma rubiginosum (A. DC.) Merr.- India [Assam]; Bangladesh; Burma 
Fissistigma rufinerve (Hook. f. & Thomson) Merr.- India [Assam]; Bangladesh 
Fissistigma santapaui D. Das- India 
Fissistigma verrucosum (Hook. f. & Thomson) Merr.- India [Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya]; Bangladesh; Burma

A synopsis of Annonaceae in Indian subcontinent by SR KUNDU (pdf-23 pages)- Thaiszia – J. Bot., Košice, 16: 63-85, 2006. :
Fissistigma bicolor (Roxb.) Merr. Philip. J. Sci (Bot.) 15: 131. 1919.: India, Myanmar .
F. bracteolatum Chatterjee, Kew Bull.1948:58.948.: Myanmar.
F. ellipticum (King.) D. Mitra, Bull. Bot. Surv. India. 35: 117. 1993.: India, Bangladesh.
F. polyanthoides (A. DeCandolle) Merr., Philip. J. Sci. (Bot.)15:135.1919. Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam.
F. polyanthum (Hook. f. & Thoms). Merr., Philip. J. Sci. (Bot.) 15 :135. 1919.: India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam.
F. rubiginosum (DC.) Merr., Philip. J. Sci. (Bot.) 15 :135. 1919.: India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Indonesia.
F. rufinerve (Hook. f. & Thoms). Merr., Philip. J. Sci. (Bot.) 15 :136.1919.: India, Bangladesh.
F. santapaui D. Das, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 10 : 263. 1969.: India.
F. verrucosum (Hook. f. & Thoms). Merr., Philip. J. Sci. (Bot.) 15 :137. 1919.: India, Bangladesh, Myanmar.
F. wallichii (Hook. F. & Thoms).Merr., Philip. J. Sci. (Bot.) 15 :137. 1919.: India, Bangladesh.



Anonaceae had reported only eight species from India, while one species i.e. Fissistigma manubriatum was overlooked which was added to Indian flora much …
Fissistigma manubriatum (Hook.f. & Thomson) Merr. 

Fissistigma verrucosum (Hook.f. & Thomson) Merr.


MALESIAN SPECIES OF FISSISTIGMA (ANNONACEAE) JENIS– BUDI IRAWAN Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Bandung  Budi Irawan. 2005.
Abstract: A taxonomic study of the genus Fissistigma Griff. (Annonaceae) in Malesia was conducted based on morphological characters. Beside the four incompletely known species, fifteen species and one variety are recognized, consisting of previously known twelve species and one variety (namely F.borneense, F.elmeri, F.fulgens, F.hypoglaucum, F.kinabaluense, F.kingii, F.lanuginosum, F.latifolium, F.latifolium var. ovoideum, F.litseaefolium, F. longipes, F.manubriatum and F.rubiginosum), and three proposed new species (namely F.cordifolia, F.magnisepala and F.sumatrana). One species (F.clementis) is excluded from Fissistigma as it belongs to Mitrella. An identification key to the species is included.

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