Sisyrinchium rosulatum E.P.Bicknell, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 26: 228 1899. (Syn: Sisyrinchium brownei Small; Sisyrinchium exile E.P.Bicknell);

Common name: Annual Blue-Eyed Grass

SE. U.S.A. to NE. Mexico as per WCSP;

Requesting to please ID this plant growing wild among the grasses in a meadow in Ooty, Tamil Nadu in November 2013.

…, I am also awaiting to get the id for this small herb. I noticed the same plant in Pykara falls area of Nilgiris (2000 m asl); flower not more than a cm across. Attaching with the same thread since I believe both of us looking for the same species.

Yes … I captured it at the 9th Mile Shooting Meadow on the way to Pykara lake…

Could this be Gentiana pedicellata?

This seems to be Sisyrinchium rosulatum (annual blue eyed grass) as per the FOI page

Could the experts please validate this?

This is Sisyrinchium rosulatum for sure.

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