Eriogonum pyrolifolium (Shasta Buckwheat, Pyrola-leafed Buckwheat, Alpine Buckwheat,[1] Alpine Eriogonum, Oarleaf Buckwheat, or Dirty Socks[2]) is a species of wild buckwheat.
It is native to western North America, from British Columbia to the high mountains of California.
This is a small woody perennial reaching a maximum height and width of about 20 centimeters, including its inflorescence. Its rounded or spade-shaped, woolly, petioled leaves are located at the base of the plant; their resemblance to the leaves of wintergreens (genus Pyrola) gives the species its name. Clusters of flowers appear on stalks which may be erect or bend to the ground. The small hairy flowers are greenish-white or white to pink.[1] At certain times during growth and blossoming this plant will emit an odor similar to sweaty, unwashed socks.[2]
(From Wikipedia on 12.5.14)

Eriogonum pyrolifolium Hook.
Perennial mat-forming herb with decumbent btanches, pyrola-like leaves and white to pink flowers in heads.
Photographed from Shasta mountain in alpine region, California. 

I would love to see this plant in field. Thanks for sharing Sir!

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